Message from Chair of the Organising Committee and President, India Group

Mr Jyoti Sagar, Chair, APAA 2018

Mr Hari Subramaniam, President, India Group

Dear Colleagues,

The Indian Group of APAA is privileged to host the 18th General Assembly and 68th & 69th Council Meetings of APAA at Aerocity, New Delhi.

Delhi is a historical city tracing back to 3000 BC. Delhi has evolved through confluence of diverse historical, cultural and political circumstances. Today it is recognized globally as the capital of an important developing nation where historical past converges with the promise of the future. Delhi is, without doubt, a city of international standing and significance.

India is one of the largest, most prominent, and fastest growing economies in the world. Everything about it is big – big opportunities and big challenges! Today it is a USD 2.2 trillion economy, 7th largest in nominal GDP terms, and 3rd largest in purchasing power parity terms. It is projected to be a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025. The estimates of GDP growth for the current year are between 7.2% (International Monetary Fund) and 7.4% (Asian Development Bank). That makes India the fastest growing major global economy.

Make in India, Digitizing India, Innovate India, and Startup India campaigns are the pillars of future growth. Relevance of intellectual property in this journey is obvious. India’s first National IPR Policy was released in May 2016. The policy aims to stimulate a dynamic, vibrant and balanced IPR system in India which fosters creativity and innovation and thereby promotes entrepreneurship and enhances development. The objectives of the policy include: increasing public awareness about IPRs and their economic, social and cultural benefits; stimulating creation of IPR in the country; creating a strong legal and legislative framework around IPR and strengthening enforcement; and modernizing administration and management of IPR. All of these objectives rhyme well with what APAA stands for.

This is therefore an opportune moment for APAA to host the meeting in New Delhi.

The meeting will have its rich intellectual content with workshops and committee meetings. And not to forget the most important objectives of reconnecting with friends from around the world and to kindle new friendships. It will be our endeavour to give APAA participants glimpses of Delhi, and India, through the specially crafted Excursions and the Accompanying Family Person programs to demonstrate that though much has changed, India has still managed to retain its fabled charm and sense of mystery!

The Indian Group is working hard to ensure that the General Assembly and Council Meetings will be an occasion from which all of you will carry back lasting memories of the excitement and dynamism, tradition of respect for guests, and unceasing hospitality.

We welcome all of you to our city of Delhi